How Much to Buy Gold Bangles for Women Online

How Much to Buy Gold Bangles for Women Online

Gold bangles on the wrists or nestled in a stack never go out of fashion. For many women, wearing a couple exudes elegance - especially towards the summer months. Modern bracelet bangles have come a long way in terms of designs. The plethora of choices is outstanding. Best of all, these little pieces of jewelry do not cost too much.

Gold bracelet bangles, though, are more than just fashion accessories. Among the millennials, not many realize its historical importance to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Upon gaining an insight into its cultural significance, you will have a better appreciation. Beneath the glamourous surface, these pieces of jewelry are a symbol of success. As to what kind of success, read on.

Bangles Are Synonymous with Indian Culture

In Hindu mythology, the "Solah Shringar" refers to the 16 bridal adornments, encompassing the 16 steps brides must follow from head to toe during the wedding. This beautification ritual, in a nutshell, celebrates the beauty of a woman.

As you can see, bangles are not only ornaments for an Indian bride. This jewelry symbolizes "suhaag" or marriage, and every bit a part of Solah Shringar. Wearing it represents long life for her husband. It also signifies auspiciousness - being blessed with fortune and prosperity.

Following this tradition, brides have to wear bangles made of glass or metals, including gold. But the rituals in India vary by region. In some, for example, the brides would wear the smallest bangles (aided by oil). It is her way of showing effort so that she and her husband will love each other affectionately.

In Southern India, gold bangles are the most auspicious among all types of materials. Some even wear green-coloured glass bangles, which signify fertility and prosperity, together with gold bangles.

While bangles hold such a cultural and traditional significance for Indian women, their popularity in all other parts of the world has exploded.

What You Need to Know About Gold Bangles Before Buying

Like other types of jewelry, fake products abound in marketplaces worldwide. Hence, be careful when buying from unknown merchants or companies.

Typically, gold bangles weigh 10 or 20 grams. They come in 10K, 14K, 18K, and up to 22K gold. They come in various designs and may or may not have stones and clasp.

gold bangles

Stone-studded Gold Bangles

You want to be aware of the weight of the gold bangle adorned with stones. Some women choose plain gold bangles. This way, it is not hard for them to determine the weight. If it comes with stones, it would not be easy to estimate its weight. In this case, verifying that the gold bangle should weigh 10 or 20 grams becomes nearly impossible. Your best bet is to buy a reputable brand from a store with a stellar reputation.

Wrist Size

When buying a gold bangle, you should know the size of your wrist. Usually, it would be 1/"2 to 3/4" larger than the wrist. Standard sizes of bracelet bangles range from 6 to 8 cm. If the bangle has a hinge, try having an allowance of 1". You can also try 1-1/2" allowance for a loose, comfortable fit. Be careful, though, as if it is too loose, the bangle can quickly slip off your wrist. On the other hand, if it is too tight, slipping it on will be a challenge.

Certification of Authenticity

Before making a purchase, ask the store if the gold bangle comes with a certificate of authenticity. Among the information you see on the certificate are the source, grade, and quality of the gold.

The Cost of Gold Bangles in Canada

At Bronzoro, their collection of gold bangles cost $69.99 to $159.99. The variance in price, of course, depends on the design. Do keep in mind that these are not pure gold. Each piece is 18K gold-plate over bronze. The products are all made in Italy, where craftsmanship is admired all over the world.

Why Gold-Plated Bangles

Pure gold, 24K, is not recommended for jewelry because it is too soft. Most gold pieces are 18K - 75% gold combined with another metal for sturdiness and durability. But the prices of gold are crazy high.

Gold-plating technology makes it possible for you to wear "real gold" bangles, although gold is only on the surface. It would take someone with a keen eye to even detect that these are gold-plated. The advantage of choosing gold-plated is cost. At only $69.99, for example, you can already have beautiful ornaments to wear on your wrist. Because you also what to have a collection of different designs to match your outfit and the occasion, you don't have to break the bank buying other pieces.

Should you buy gold-plated bangles?

For sure, yes.

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