Is Bronze Worth Any Money?

Is Bronze Worth Any Money?

When discussing bronze, the average person is quick to think of medals. For you — fashion inclined and on the hunt for the best accessories — you’ll likely think of jewelry.

Since you’ll spend money on bronze jewelry, it’s only normal to want the best value for money. That’s why you’re wondering if bronze is worth any money. Spoiler alert; it is. 

Bronze is a material that has its origin buried deep into the sands of time. Before the bronze age, copper was the best material for making weapons and jewelry. 

With the discovery of bronze came a wide adoption. Today, bronze jewelry is popular in Canada. The demand is part of why the value of bronze can be high. 

Regarding jewelry, a significant advantage of bronze as jewelry is its similar appearance to gold. Just like gold, it gives that shine and glister. Its brilliant aesthetics is why bronze jewelry is valuable. 

Looking to learn more about whether bronze is worth any money? Keep reading for all the exclusive details on the value of bronze jewelry.

The Value of Bronze

Currently, the money value of bronze is $1.2 to $1.6 per pound. If you’re asking for selling purposes, it’s best to sell bronze in bulk. When you sell bronze in pieces, you may not get your actual money’s worth.

Bronze is an alloy metal. If you missed chemistry classes, an alloy is a combination of two metals. The primary metal in bronze is copper. Copper is the component that gives bronze its distinct colour. 

The composition of bronze can vary depending on the application of the substance. The difference in composition can affect the value of bronze jewelry. 

Bronze jewelry is an alloy of copper and tin. In the petrochemical and water industries, bronze's composition is copper and aluminum. Asides from these applications, there are other notable ones: 

  • Manganese Bronze (Copper and Manganese): Used for gears, bolts, pumps and valves.
  • Silicon bronze (Copper and Silicon): Pumps and valves.
  • Bismuth bronze: Seen in Bearing and historical wear
  • Phosphor Bronze (Copper and Phosphorus): Electrical components, washers, instruments and springs.
  • Copper-nickel Bronze: Majorly used for marine equipment.

Because copper is a significant component of bronze, it’s easy to pair with other metals. Copper is a 

flexible, non-ferrous metal. This element is also a big part of why bronze is worth money. 

Therefore, bronze jewelry with pure copper will have more value than accessories that have impure copper. 

How to recognize valuable bronze jewelry

To recognize pure bronze, try placing it beside a magnet. Thanks to its high copper content, Bronze is a non-ferrous metal. Non-ferrous metals are more durable, less recycled and worth more than non-ferrous metals.  

Since bronze is a non-ferrous metal, it’ll not stick to magnets. This is how you can tell you’re buying bronze accessories that have value. If bronze sticks to a magnet, then it’s not pure. 

What is the Value of Bronze Jewelry? 

Depending on the design and style of jewelry, you can buy bronze jewelry at $150. This pricing is a function of many factors, including: 

  • The size of the bronze piece 
  • The bronze jewelry store 
  • The artistic skill 
  • How beautiful it looks

Bronze is a versatile metal that suits all skin tones. With its warm, tan colour, you can wear bronze jewelry for any occasion. It’ll suit every outfit choice. 

The price of bronze jewelry may go depending on the type. It’s possible to carve bronze into large statement pieces like rings and eye-catching necklaces. Bronze's earthy colour makes it easy to combine with gemstones. After careful detailing and designs, bronze also looks stunning on whoever wears them. With unique selling points like this, it’s easy to see why bronze is worth money. 

The resemblance with gold

Bronze jewellery is becoming popular thanks to its resemblance with gold. Many buyers see it as the more affordable option for gold. 

Just like gold, bronze has distinct colouring and a unique sheen. Its colour exudes a sense of class. Hence, bronze jewelry is a popular pick in Canada. With higher demand comes value. 

Does bronze have health value? 

Away from its resemblance to gold, there’s a valuable advantage to wearing bronze. Bronze jewellery offers health benefits for users. 

Because bronze jewelry consists mainly of copper, it can help with copper deficiency. 

When you wear bronze jewelry over time, your skin will absorb copper from them. The absorption of copper can boost skin health

How to preserve the value of bronze jewelry

The principal situation that can reduce the value of bronze is green skin. If you have been wearing bronze for a long time, green skin colouration may happen. 

When you wear bronze jewelry for long, the copper in bronze will react with sweat and sebum on your skin. This reaction produces a green patina on the jewelry. Sometimes, your skin may even wear some colouring. 

Thankfully, green skin colouration is not harmful. You can easily wash it off with soap and water. To prevent patina formation on bronze jewelry, you can seal it with car wax or nail polish. Car wax and nail polish serve as sealants forming a thin barrier that prevents body contact with the jewelry.

To preserve bronze jewelry (whether for resale purposes or to ensure durability), you need proper maintenance. If you can fulfil the maintenance requirements, it’s possible to sell bronze jewelry for double the initial price. 

A great way to preserve the value of bronze is by cleaning it. Here’s how to: 

  • If dirty, wash bronze jewelry in soap and warm water. Use a jewelry cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt. When using a jewelry cloth, use soft ones to prevent any scratches on the body.
  • Since patina formation is impossible to prevent, you can only manage it. To manage patina clusters, use vinegar or lemon as wiping agents. If you do this regularly, your jewelry will retain its original shine and monetary value.
  • Avoid using commercial cleaners as they can be abrasive and will create scratches. Instead, use wax or nail polish to maintain the lustre. 

Why Bronze Jewelry is Worth Money 

Although bronze is not as valuable as gold, owning bronze jewelry comes with many benefits. There are several reasons to buy bronze jewelry.


Bronze jewelry is rigid and durable thanks to its high copper content. When you buy bronze jewelry, you can expect it to stay in good shape for a long time. 

Corrosion and rust-resistant

Unlike gold, bronze is not highly corrosive. It’s also resistant to rust. The only thing you have to worry about is the possibility of patina. However, as long as you clean it regularly, the effect of patina on bronze jewelry is minimal. 

Affordable Price

Bronze can be a mini-investment. The good news is that an investment in bronze jewelry will always pay dividends. It shines and has excellent lustre. At an affordable cost, you’ll be able to buy jewelry that can be a statement piece for your next outfit. You don’t have to break the bank! 


It’s easier to maintain bronze jewelry. To remove the patina on bronze jewelry, use warm water and soap. As long as it doesn’t experience considerable force, your bronze jewelry will retain its shape and look. 

To Wrap It Up

Bronze is worth money. It’s an excellent material that makes for the best accessories. As long as you’re buying bronze jewelry from reputable sources, you’ll get your money’s worth.

In Canada, you may have to spend up to $150 to buy bronze jewelry. Pure bronze jewelry is money well spent. The best bronze jewelry pieces are stunning fashion pieces with high resale values. Now, isn’t that worth it?

At Bronzoro, you can buy valuable bronze pieces at great value for money. Here, we partner with Italian factors and artisans to create the best bronze jewelry. Look through our collections today! 

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