Bronzoro is made with real metals and can tarnish over time. To prevent your jewellery from tarnish, avoid direct contact with chlorine, perfume, and body lotions. Avoid wearing jewellery while exercising and sleeping. Gently clean with soap and water, wipe with a clean, dry, soft cloth to restore to its’ original shine.

Bronzoro is uniquely made from Bronze metal. Bronze manipulates very similarly to gold and therefore has great attributes that enable us to create beautiful jewellery pieces with the same craftsmanship and labor as fine gold jewellery. Our exclusive pieces are finished with many protective layers with the final being a beautiful 18kt gold plate giving you a lasting, shimmering finish.

Bronzoro is all made in a small town in Italy where we use the same expertise, craftsmanship and quality that Italy is well known for in the production of fine jewellery products.